Artist's Biography

I am a Canadian visual artist who works with a variety of media, including, acrylics, water colours, pencils, as well as pen and ink.  I have related creative interests in poetry, photography and computer media.  My artistic works are recognized for their harmonious treatment of colour, abstract sensitivity, inherent metaphor and poetic accompaniments. My objective is to create fine art works for people to enjoy--pieces that prompt a memory, remind of a place, recall an experience, suggest a metaphor, or strike a chord.

My formation as an artist includes self-directed study, selected courses and workshops, and experience.  This complements my university education in materials science and engineering, qualifications as a Professional Engineer and work experience in engineering, research, adult technical education and technology transfer.

My fine art works have been placed mostly in private collections of individuals.

For ten years, I was associated with The Studio Gallery, a private enterprise of 14 artists in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, prior to its transition to Visual Arts Studio of St. Albert in 2012.

Between 1991 and 2011, I participated in solo and group exhibitions generally in the region of greater Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Typically, I showed my works at the St. Albert Painters’ Guild, Art Gallery of St. Albert, The Arts & Heritage Foundation of St. Albert, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, The Works Festival and Spruce Grove Art Gallery.

I paint and draw what I think and feel.  My stylistic interests include both objective and non-objective works represented, currently, by abstract expressionist style as well as figures set especially in contemporary genre contexts.  Occasionally, I produce cartoons for my own amusement and for a network of interested others.